North Pennines Mines Research Group

North Pennines Mines Research Group


From:  Peter Jackson, 14 Kirk Rise, Frosterley, DL13 2SF. Phone 01388 527532. Email

To:      Everyone interested in the mines of the North Pennines.

1 Aim

Share information, advice and opinions about the North Pennines mining industries.

2  Scope

The North Pennine Orefield east of the River Eden, south of the roman wall, west of the North east coalfield, and north of Stainmore pass.

3 Objectives

Facilitate the sharing of information within the community of historians, explorers, geologists and archaeologists

Encourage research about the mining industries.

Provide information to National and Local government authorities, land and property owners.

4 Why should we do this now? 

Environment Agency (EA), Coal Authority (CA) and Rivers Trusts (RT) are developing and delivering pollution remedial works on mine sites.  Other public bodies also have made and are likely to make decisions which impact on mine sites 

Historians, explorers and archaeologists have information that is not visible or accessible to public bodies.

The North Pennines AONB Oresome project showed a desire to continue with the work of that project. A group might help this work to continue.

5 Approaches that might be adopted

5.1 Signpost website

A simple website listing objectives and providing communication links to existing organisations. This would provide an email and/or phone number contact point. It might be hosted within a website of an existing organisation. Would require a process to manage the phone call and emails.

5.2 Annual Conference or Forum

This might include discussions, presentations, posters and displays with an emphasis on informality.  Financed by a conference fee to cover room hire costs.  Would need a minimum of two people to provide basic organisation, with existing groups providing support at the event.

5.3 Membership organisation

This might include a website and an annual forum as at 5.2.  Would require a membership fee to cover costs. It might be possible to have banking facilities provided by another organisation. A minimum of three people would be required to provide the admin and manage the contact point and arrange a forum/conference.

5.4 Using an existing organisation with website.

Utilising part of an existing website to host the Group information, and receiving some administrative support from the host organisation. Would still require a process to manage the phone calls or email enquiries, as at 5.1.

5.5 Contact point hosted by a public body or charity 

Examples might be the North Pennines AONB or NAMHO, or other local body or society. This would require an identifiable contact point by email or phone and would require links to existing charities, groups and societies. As before, contact point support would be required.

6 What Next?


Date and time:       Saturday 20thJuly 2019, 1100 until 1430 hrs.


Upper Weardale Town Hall, DL13 1QF, at St Johns Chapel.


Accessible. Hot drinks will be available.  Bring your own food.

Information:           01388 527532    or

Travel:                      A689 road passes the building. Car parking is available at the east end of the village, adjacent to the Anglican Church. Bus service 101 Weardale Motor Services from Bishop Auckland railway station.

The agenda for the meeting will be:


A Discuss the proposal to establish a North Pennines Mines Group

B Agree a format for establishing a group.

I hope to see you there.

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